How to Get Balinese Style Home

Balinese Style Home - Anapuri Villa

Just having a holiday in Bali and already missing it? Don’t worry, because you can actually bring it right into your home, I mean the Balinese Style Home. Bali does have a lot of things that are beautiful and memorable. An island located as a neighbor to Australia is always trusted to be one of the best vacation locations around the globe. It does have very unique aspects in terms of culture and arts.

All of them are shown up via the art forms, and the traditional home decorations. Not only building a comfortable place to live in, Balinese people also tend to show the culture with their house as a canvas. You can see how interesting their design is. The usual tropical design is combined with colorful Balinese arts that can’t be seen everywhere else. But, you can always implement the idea to your home.

Making your house more comfortable with a much Balinese vibe. Because the characteristics of the island are basically the same, some neighboring countries around Indonesia that have the same tropical fells can adopt the idea as well. Looking at the traditional houses around Bali, you may notice some points that reflect the identity of Balinese style homes.

Balinese Style Home - Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan

Stone Paving As Outdoor Styling

As you walk around the hotel and villa, you may notice that most Balinese people use the elements of rocks and stones as the outdoor decorations. Usually, these materials are implemented for the flooring. It’d be a nice touch of outdoor scenes. Connecting your house with another building with stone paving and pebbles would give a tropical vibe.

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You may also notice the outdoor bathroom in some villas around Bali island. They are usually decorated with some exotic tropical plantations as well, in order to be freshener and with a nice touch as decoration. The plants that are used should reflect the condition of a tropical island. Palms and bamboo plants can be great choices for this purpose. But, you should also know which plant that is suitable and capable to grow in your environment. As long as it can grow well, then it wouldn’t be a problem.

You can enhance the vibe with the addition of statues that are usually made from ceramics materials. It can be gotten easily in some traditional markets around Bali. If you want to make more private outdoor space, you can make wooden fences around the house. The materials used are teak woods, which can commonly be found in Indonesia. But if those things are too expensive, you can always switch to the other kinds of material, like the Australian hard wood for example.

Statues and Wooden Carvings

As a part of Balinese culture, you can find some craftings made out of wood. The skills of wood carving is one of some notable skills that Balinese people have. You can find some of their best works at the market, or even galleries. Some will be sold at a high price. But the others seem to be more affordable.

Visiting traditional markets, you may have a chance to buy some traditional Balinese crafting. Usually, they resemble the thick Balinese culture in the form of statues, paintings, and others. These items can be a nice touch to bring the Balinese style to your house. Plus, the prices are not that killing as well.

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The Color Palette

You can be free with colors, as long as they are earthy colors. White, green, grey, brown, and the color gradations in between will fill these characteristics nicely. Giving the walls with contrast colors is rather not suitable. If you really want to do an experiment, you can try to blend in other types of color, as long as it still looks good with the surrounding area.